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Premium Filming Equipment

Cinema Quality at Independent Production Prices


Shendrones Thicc

This is an X8 configuration, 7inch class FPV controlled drone capable of lifting more than 1.5kg. Want FPV style footage but need that extra color quality of a cinema camera? This is the drone we'd use. Ask us more about it at

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With a footprint of over a meter and a half wide this Hexacopter can carry larger payloads and gimbals. 

We use this for various industrial applications, but can also use it to lift very large cinema level cameras including Red, Black Magic, Z Cam, Canon and more. Ask us about our offering at


Inspire 2

The inspire 2 has been the number 1  videography work horse in the industry for the last few years. 

We use ours primarily for live broadcasts at auto sports events, but this drone is well suited for any videography and photography job. 


Kopis X8 Caged

This is one of our FPV cinelifters. That is, it carries a cinema quality camera but allows us to fly it with extreme precision. 

This cinelifter has guarded props making it perfect for proximity flying indoors, through doorways, and around people. 


Quality cameras

For any of our premium production projects we use only the best cameras and equipment from Black Magic, DJI and Z Cam to bring you the highest quality footage available. 


Cost Effective,

Superior Quality

Industry standard equipment that wont break the bank


Mavic 2 Pro

With a one inch 20MP sensor made by Hasselblad this workhorse can capture crystal clear images and video no matter the lighting situation. With a myriad of safety systems and fail-safes this is one of the most safe and efficient drones on the market today. 


Autel Evo 2 Pro

Much like the Mavic 2, this is an ultra portable and very easy to deploy option. The Evo 2 has a 6k camera, higher bit rates, and is capable of higher frame rates in 4k!


We typically use this as an another option over the Mavic 2 Pro for higher frame rate filming, as a backup on set, or as a DJI alternative when requested. 

Inspire 1.jpg

Inspire 1

We have a couple variations of the Inspire 1 and X5 camera for more detailed work, live broadcasting services, dual operator situations, and high quality photography. 


Cinematic FPV

First Person View
Unbelievable Footage

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Titan DC5

Fast enough to chase race cars around a track and stable enough to make it look easy. This aircraft can carry multiple cameras such as the Insta 360 One R one inch sensor or the GoPro Hero 8 as shown here. While We are good enough to fly this anywhere, this is primarily an outdoor animal, seen here in it's natural habitat. 


85x Inverted Micro

The same power system as the 85x, but inverted as a pusher configuration. The main reason to use this style airframe is to create more room on board for advanced FPV systems and to change the center of gravity for faster flying.


ProTek 35

This is an HD version of the iFlight ProTek 35. With guarded props and carrying a full size GoPro, this indoor drone does well around tight spaces for  indoor tours. It uses an HD video system for flying in areas with a lot small things like cables and pipes to fly around. 


BetaFPV 95x v3

One of our smallest drones which fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 250g, this drone qualifies as a category 1 aircraft for flight over people. It carries a full GoPro Hero 8 that has been stripped down to the main camera board and gets powered from the drone battery to save as much weight as possible. 


GepRC Baby Crocodile 4

Designed with efficiency in mind, this drone is made for long duration flights. It carries a stripped down gopro for filming and uses an HD video transmission system for the pilot.


Custom STP Racing Frame

This drone was custom built in house as our lightest 5" freestyle. A minimalist design, lightweight NIN motors, toothpick flight stack and an analog video link make this feather weight build perfect for carrying GoPros for long duration flights. 


GepRC Roket

One of our smallest drones, this drone is capable of carrying a stripped down GoPro in really tight areas. Using an HD video link, the pilot can see every cable, string and pipe to navigate around in very busy, small space environments. 


FlyWoo Hex

This is one of the tiniest drones in our fleet. While it has almost no use for filming, we use this drone for training and working the iNav flight control system. Honestly, it's just a fun little micro drone. 


Custom Cloud 149

Custom built in house with an HD video link and Xing motors this 3" build is small and light enough to fly indoor tours around tight corridors. We also built in a power cord for powering GoPros and action cameras straight from the drone battery, saving weight. 


Chimera 7

Made by iFlight, this 7" build is as large as a DJI Mavic, but it flies more than twice as fast. Carrying even the largest of action cameras, the Chimera can be used an all around workhorse for outdoor action filming. 


ProTek 35 Analog

While we enjoy using the HD version of this airframe, there are times where we need to use analog in certain environments. Prop Logic stocks the right equipment in our fleet for any environment, even those where HD video links have trouble flying or DJI products are not approved for the venue. 


Mr Croc Ducted

This drone is custom built in house, based on a Mr Croc freestyle HD frame, using an HD video link and StanFPV ducted prop guards and 4" props. Essentially, this is a very large cinewhoop which does well in wind, making it a perfect choice for flights which take us both indoor and outdoors. 


StanFPV CineBird

Perhaps one of our most challenging builds, this aircraft carries an Insta 360 One R camera completely in-cased in the frame and all hardware. When in flight the frame completely disappears from the 360 image making for some really interesting shots. 



This airframe was designed by the pioneers of FPV filming and custom built by Prop Logic Media. 


Fast, agile, precise. Perfect for action packed scenes or chasing cars along the track. 


85x Micro

This is a small drone that fits in the palm of your hand, carries a stripped down GoPro Hero 7, and flies like a dream. We can take this little guy in very tight places for some unbelievable footage that will leave your viewers in wonder.

Imagine flying the camera around a moving car, then in one window and out the other. That's where this drone shines. 


iFlight CineBee Hybrid 4K

One of the smallest 4K camera drones on the market today.

This is used primarily as a trainer, but can be used for those videos you just can't possible get with anything bigger. 


Enterprise Level Inspections

Drones for doing work

Film Noir.jpg


With a footprint of over a meter and a half wide this Hexacopter can carry larger payloads and gimbals. 

We use this for various industrial applications, but can also use it to lift very large cinema level cameras including Red, Black Magic, Z Cam, Canon and more. Ask us about our offering at


Inspire 2

The inspire 2 can also be used in inspection work!

Capable of carrying a micro four thirds camera and a zoom lens, this small and nimble aircraft has been an industry favorite for power line and construction site inspections.


Matrice 200

DJI's second generation enterprise solution. 

Whether it's detailed mapping, thermal inspections, or remotely inspecting assets with a zoomed in camera view, this drone can handle it all. 


Experience with other aircraft

Our pilots have hundreds of hours logged on even more aircraft than listed above



Our lead pilot has over 250 hours logged on the M300. 

The M300 is one of DJI's newest drones designed with the latest technology in safety, streamlined workflows, and imaging sensors. 


Ebee X

The Ebee X is a fixed wing aircraft designed for mapping. 

This aircraft is generally desired for mapping very large areas of land in the shortest amount of time. 

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