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Aerial Lidar Services

Prop Logic Media offers aerial lidar scanning services. Whether you want a 3D model of your property for marketing purposes, or you're working on a construction project needing data to work with, Prop Logic can help get you accurate 3D lidar scans fast and easy. 

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Scan through foliage

Lidar is capable of scanning through foliage to get 3D data of the ground below. Capture the ground of your property or project even if it's under a canopy of trees. 

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Accurate 3D Models

Lidar relies on using actual lasers for scanning objects and landscapes to give more accurate scans and representations of the property.

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Quick turn around times

This entire race track took only a couple hours to fly and render an output file. 


Prop Logic Does not employ surveyors, nor do we offer survey services independently. We offer aerial lidar scanning as a UAV flight services provider. For official surveying services such as measurements, property line mapping, volumetrics, and certified accuracy from the scans we would need to work with a licensed surveyor. 

Most of our clients already have licensed surveyors as part of their project that we would work with, or we can bring an independent surveyor as part of the project to meet your needs. For marketing purposes and general aerial lidar scanning a licensed surveyor may not be needed. 

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