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  • Where are you based?
    Our services are primarily based in Delaware County Ohio servicing the central ohio area. However, we may be able to travel further depending on the services requested and the distance to the worksite. We will also have availability in Indiana for the remainder of the year.
  • How long is your turn around time for deliverables?
    The vast majority of deliverables are ready within one or two days of the flight. There are some services, however, which require more time to process. During the scheduling and quoting process we will be sure to provide reasonable timeframes in which the finished product will likely be ready.
  • What if I am not satisfied with the final product?
    Customer satisfaction is highly important to us. If the final product is not what you expected we will make every effort to work with you to make it right. We take every step before the work is performed during the quoting process to ensure that the end result will be perfect.
  • What happens if there is bad weather?
    Certain weather conditions such as rain or decent winds could make it difficult or dangerous to fly a drone and the unfortunate part of scheduling to fly is that the weather does not always cooperate. In addition to general safe flying practices, the FAA regulates which weather conditions we are allowed to fly in. For example, if visibilty is not at least 3 miles or the clouds are too low it could be illegal for us to fly on a given day. As the pilot in charge it is our responsibility to decide whether it is safe to fly. We will be checking the weather reports in the days leading to the scheduled flight and will give you notice as soon as possible if we have to reschedule due to weather. You will not be charged extra for bad weather or rescheduling.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    No problem. You can cancel or reschedule anytime before the scheduled flight. However, we do require at least 50% payment at the time of the flight which is not refundable after I have already flown for you. After the flight you can cancel the deliverables and will not be billed the remaining balance.
  • Do I have to be there when you fly?
    It is highly prefered that you are present during the flight. This helps give us access to the property and allows us to colaborate with you to get the media you want. It also allows you to view the media in the field before we leave.
  • When is payment due?
    At least half of the quoted price is due at the scheduled time of the flight. You can pay this either before or during that appointment. The other half is due before we send you the requested deliverables.
  • What equipment do you currently use?
    Currently we are using a 20MP Hasselblad camera on a DJI drone for aerial photographs and videography. This camera ensures high quality and color perfect 4K video and photos. We are always working on getting the most advanced and current equipment in for even more advanced packages and services. This includes 5.2k cameras, thermal, and multispectral cameras.
  • Can you fly at night?
    Though this is a service we would like to offer in the near future we are currently limited to daytime flight by the FAA. However, the FAA is rumored to allowing night flights without waivers in the future. This rule is subject to change. Keep an eye on our page or send us a message to be updated on the latest services we will offer.
  • Why hire a UAS service? Why not do it myself?
    The FAA has a lot of regulations and oversight over drone operations in the US. For a lot of businesses the cost of paying an employee to jump through all those hoops to get certified and worry about aircraft maintenance, registration and training is just not effective. Then there is liability and insurance, piloting skills and training, equipment costs, airspace restrictions and ATC authorizations. Keep in mind that you will likely need actual aviation insurance for UAV activites as regular insurance policies and companies will not cover them. By hiring a Prop Logic Pilot we take care of all the regulatory aspects of comercial flight. We are fully FAA certified under FAA part 107 and carry global aerospace insurance while we fly. We also have years of experience and training as UAS pilots. We can help simplify the process of getting high quality images or inspections of your property without you having to worry about all the regulations or insurance.
  • How about flights over people?
    The most strict of FAA drone regulations have to do with flights over people. Very few waivers have ever been given for flights over crowds of people. At this time we DO NOT conduct any missions or flights over people, crowds or crowded areas. However, FAA restrictions are rumored to change to allow flights over people with specific equipment. If that happens we are likely to start offering this as another service. Send us a message in the contact page if you would like to see us offer this service.
  • What are the deliverables?
    Delivarables are whatever media you requested. This could be photographs, videos, orthos or media depending on what you order.
  • How do you determine your quoted prices?
    Flying UAVs can be complicated at times. We do our best to provide fair and competetive quotes based on the location, complexity and size of the requested services. Some of the specific considerations include the location and duration of the flight, time of day, requested deliverables, equipment needed, editing time, airspace restrictions or authorizations, certifications and flight waivers, and proximity to hazards and people.
  • How do you accept payment?
    While we prefer accepting checks we gladly accept cash, check or credit card payments. As a standard we require 50% of the total invoiced price before the time of flight and the remaining 50% before delivering the files. We use Square or Paypal for payment processing. If you wish to pay online I can send you an invoice with online payment options through these vendors. If you wish to pay in person with a card I can accept credit/debit card payments through Square. We are pretty flexible on payment options. Just let us know what is convenient for you.
  • What's with the notice for ortho images?
    Prop Logic Media is a UAV/aerial media services provider only. We are not associated with or licensed/certified as surveryors or engineers and can not offer any kind of certified maps for things like measurements. We offer beautiful stiched ortho-mosaic images of areas which are essentially the equivalent of special panoramic birds eye images. These orthos can be used like any other amazing aerial photograph, and thats all we market them as. With ortho images farmers can make decisions on how to treat their fields and marketing proffesionals can showcase a new perspective on their projects. However, if you require any kind of measurements or certified data for things like construction projects or land surveys you will want to search for a licensed surveyor.
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