Inspection Assistance

Safely inspecting those hard to reach places has never been easier!

Do you own an inspection service? Are you in charge of building inspections for your company? Ask us how we can help keep you or your employees safe while inspecting those hard to reach places. 


There are some places which can be dangerous or extremely time consuming to inspect. Instead of sending your employees onto steep or difficult roofs or sidings let us help get those high resolution photographs from the ground. 

Hire a Prop Logic drone pilot to take high resolution photographs of those hard to reach spaces that can assist you in your inspection service.


Services Offered

Basic Photographs

Hire a Prop Logic UAV pilot to take 20MP high resolution photographs


Have us take dozens or hundreds of photographs that get stitched into one giant photo-realistic image of your project. 

Thermal Imaging

Using a thermal camera on a drone can help identify thermal leaks, hot electrical connections, water leaks and thermal efficiencies


Pick and choose which options you want

Give us a call today or fill out the request a quote page to get a custom estimate

As an installer you may need to make estimates on windows that are inaccessible without scaling an exterior wall. Let us help get those pictures without ever risking your safety.

*All services offered by Prop Logic Media LLC are offered as photography services only. We are not surveyors, we are not affiliated with any surveyors and do not offer ANY professional surveying service. All maps, photographs, videos, and any other deliverable are provided as photographs or edited photographs only and carry no certification or guarantee.