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Event Coverage

You have enough to worry about planning your event. Let us take care of getting you the best photographs and video available. 

Using both ground and aerial cameras we can provide full coverage of your event, indoor and out. 

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Frequently asked questions


I thought Drones were banned at tracks?

Drones are banned at most tracks, directly from the event coordinators and the track owners themselves. As a professional drone company, we recognize that tracks are concerned with safety issues involved with allowing anyone to bring their drones out. So, Prop Logic Media partnered with the tracks and event coordinators directly. We offer the tracks the certifications, insurance, experience, knowledge of FAA regualtions and airspace, equipment and adherence to safety precautions that allow us to bring this service to you, the members and drivers. And trust me, there's plenty of paperwork involved.

What filming services are you offering at the track?

We offer all sorts of filming services. From general B-Roll of the event to directed footage of your car on track. We have ground cameras to do spotlight reels of your car on the Paddock and will be flying the drones during the events if you'd like to get sepcific footage of your car in action. Then there are the more advanced filming services. Things like FPV chase footage, private track sessions, interviews, spotlights, edits.... We can work on a whole range of projects.

How much?

General Aerial B-Roll at the event can cost as little as $100. Filming a few quick shots with our ground cameras on the Paddock can cost as little as $50. Editing is $40 an hour. Or, you can basically hire us as your personal video crew for the weekend, including editing and aerial filming while you're racing. I guess the real answer to the question is it depends on what kind of footage you would like, how exclusive and detailed the filming turns out to be, and whether you want editing or just raw footage.

What about Copywright and Licensing?

We typically retain copywright on all our works unless you pay to purchase the footage from us for exclusive use. Otherwise, you'd be given license for the footage to use however you'd like. This is typical practice in media since it allows us to still use the footage in our own works or resell the footage later down the line.

Which events are you going to be at?

There is a calendar below showing some of the events we plan to be at. We will also be working with the event managers to put out a notice that we will be at an event. If you'd like to be notified of future events or work on a video project let me know.

Do you film with FPV?

Uh... hell yeah. Whenever we can. FPV is one of the best ways to film cars on track. The problem is there are restrictions at the tracks that prevent us from being able to fly over a hot track, or over cars. Also, we need to make sure we have a visual observer available and there are some other logistical considerations as well. So, typically if you want to do a project with FPV, we need to arrange for it either during a lunch hour cold track session (when available) or during a closed track day.

How do we order?

If you dont let us know you'd like footage in advance, we can't get focused footage of your car on track. We will be getting overall B-Roll and event footage in our spare time during the weekend that will be available, but if you'd like closer footage of your car on track you need to let us know in advance. The best way to pre-order footage and let us know you'd be interested is to email me at I'll need to know which events you'd be in during the weekend, contact information, a description of your car, what kind of footage you're looking for, etc. Or, come meet us at the event!




Upcoming Events

Check out a list of the events we're going to be at and pre-order media for the event by sending us an email at